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Inner Ocean Collective

Inner Ocean Collective

Water Dance & Bodywork


We are an international collective of aquatic bodyworkers, yogis, freedivers, and sound healers who have come together to embark on a mission of self-discovery and exploration of the deep ocean within.

Our mission is to share our love for the water. We guide individuals on a collective journey to unwind, release tension, and soothe the nervous system in therapeutic waters around the world.

Using a unique blend of intuitive movement, mind-body-voice connection, and freedom of expression in the water, we help people from all walks of life drop into a deeply relaxed state. Our sessions are designed to encourage individuals to rediscover their liquid body and tap into the healing power of the ocean.

Whether you’re looking to experience a profound state of relaxation or seeking to heal your mind, body, and spirit, our collective is here to guide you on a transformative journey. We combine ancient wisdom with modern techniques to provide a truly holistic and therapeutic experience that nurtures your body, mind, and soul. Join us and discover the transformative power of the water.

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Inner Ocean Water Journey (120mins)

A guided water and sound journey explores the spaciousness of breath, the connection to heart and body, and the sensation of release after dynamic and energetic movement.

Participants are invited to dance, freely unwind themselves—finding their own way of expression and allowing energy to flow into motion.

A collective journey of embracing our authenticity, wild power and sweetly surrendering into the absolute embodiment of wholeness.

A safe & soft space with magical healing soundscapes, you are invited to come as you are and to remember the essence of your liquid roots.

All Inner Ocean Warm Water Sessions end in a floating meditation, supported by pillows and props. Here, facilitators offer aquatic bodywork in the form of gentle stretch, massage, and passive joint movement.

All facilitators are trained aquatic bodyworkers, dancers and movement makers.


  • All Watsu Water Healing Sessions end in a floating meditation facilitated in a heated pool (35deg Celsius), and supported by pillows and props.
  • The practice of Watsu includes aquatic bodywork in the form of gentle stretch, massage, and passive joint movement.
  • NO swimming or dance experience is required – every-BODY is welcome.
  • The pool has LIMITED CAPACITY, please arrive early to reserve your space
  • Bring a bathing suit, a towel & eco-friendly shower amenities if you have them
  • Have a water bottle with you for refreshment


Sunset Float: A Semi-Private Floating Meditation (120mins)

Paid Semi-Private Sessions.