Ubud, Bali May 4-7, 2023

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Anne Marie Kramer

Anne Marie Kramer

Super Yogi


A Super Yogi has a …


Human AF, you can call me AMK, Annie or Anne Marie – I have many different expressions just like you. Growing up with a tough family led me to learning endless ways of how to pull myself out of darkness, enjoy happiness and ride the roller coaster we call life.

I don’t have the answers and at the same time, I feel called to connect with others and share the tools I have learned over the last 23 years studying every aspect of health, from mental health, physical health and “spiritual” health. I have a degree in Exercise, have worked in Corporate America as well as opened three large yoga studios in California, and now I live in Bali.

Having two children has possibly taught me more than any work I have done; I know success and I know failure, each one has made me who I am today. My mission is to connect with other humans and support each other on this journey. My life is equally inspiring and equally f*c$ed up. This is the beauty of humanity.

I love hard and I can’t wait to meet you.



Experience Anne Marie’s Workshops:

Super Yogi – Strong Body, Soft Heart, Clear Mind

This unique practice is one you need to experience for yourself to feel the effects it will have on your energy, and the impact it can have in your daily life.

It is less about what you look like, and more about HOW YOU FEEL in your body, mind, and soul. With the simple intention to LET GO of any blocks to clear space for NEW energy to feel lighter and more free!

You can expect a mix of

  • Breathwork
  • Fun, creative Vinyasa Flow sequencing
  • Somatic releases, clearing the mind + moving stagnant energy from the body

Be willing to let go of the old, and step into expansion.

Expect the unexpected.

That’s where the magic happens.


Rituals of Success

I get it, life is busy and having a morning routine can feel impossible when the kids wake up at the crack of dawn or you are running around like a chicken. And we also know how we start our day makes or breaks us.

Let’s spend 90 minutes learning a few techniques that can help you get on track no matter how little time you have. When our mind is clear and our nerves are calm we simply feel better. This makes us kinder, calmer and happier. Be the best you each day.

In this workshop, you will learn how to let go of stories that keep repeating in your head, body and life. We know our bodies are the store house not just for our thoughts, also our emotions and past memories. You will learn breath techniques that will give you energy and reframe your mind in as little as 2 minutes. You will learn meditation techniques that will help you balance your emotions so you can attract what you want. We don’t get what we want in life, we get who we are. You deserve the best life.