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Benjamin Casteillo

Benjamin Casteillo

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Benjamin Casteillo is born in France in 1979. From a very young age, he felt that the society in which he lived was lacking sense and dysfunctional. He also started noticing that mankind was behaving like a parasite on earth, pillaging, polluting and destroying the planet ecosystems. Unable to find answer to his existential questions, and pushed to confirm to society standards, he pursued a master in international business with a specialisation in intercultural management. He wanted to travel the globe to understand the world better. During his study, he took every opportunity to travel and immerse himself in other culture. These experience were as enriching as they were disturbing and he started to ask profound question about his identity, which ultimately led to a mental breakdown. Despite his personal identity struggle, Benjamin was able to graduate and pursue a successful international corporate career for more than 10 years as a senior manager, consultant and expert consultant. During this successful career, Benjamin kept a very humble lifestyle and saved most of his earnings, in good faith that he would one day find a bigger purpose to use it.

During his career, the more he climbed the corporate latter, the more Benjamin was able to oberve first hand why the system he was taking part of could never be sustainable. There was no consideration for the ecological and social impact of his corporation activities, all the intention was given to increasing short term profits and growth, and there was never enough of it. This generated a cognitive dissonance that became harder and harder to deny, drained by the conflicts between his conscience and his professional obligations, Benjamin finally decided to take a leap of faith. He quitted his career in order to engage himself fully in his own quest for meaning. What followed is an intense period of mental breakdowns, self-introspection, realisation and awakening. As this process was unfolding, Benjamin developed new perceptions that gave him the ability to understand the collective unconscious mechanism that are driving humanity intuitively. He has since then decided to use his talent to help facilitate the global consciousness awakening taking place by demystifying the collective shadow repressing it.

In order to facilitate his Benjamin has funded a think tank and advocacy group called New World Together, dedicated to turn our global challenges into a collective opportunity for evolution. His project aim at exposing the commonalities and root causes of our interconnected global issues through an interdisciplinary approach and to offer individual, collective and systemic solutions in order to fix them once and for good.

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For more information about Benjamin Casteillo, see: https://newworldtogether.com/