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Beta Lisboa

Beta Lisboa

Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga

Dynamic Spiral Yoga
Dynamic Spiral Yoga is a Fascia Fluidity practice. This is a graceful and feminine practice, with a Yang energetic quality of fascia movement based on the deep spiral lines movement rising from the center core of the body directly unwinding, hydrating, strengthening, conditioning and nourishing the whole Myofascial system. The spiral movement patterns are inspired by Yoga Qigong, Gyrokynesis and spontaneous conscious movement.

Yin Fascial Yoga
This class is an integration of traditional Yin Yoga, Myofascial Release, Somatic Experiencing, the Chakra system and Mindfulness. These special techniques work together on our three bodies in order to release traumatic imprints and to dissolve residual tensions helping to heal and strengthen the body, balance the emotions and calming the mind and spirit.

About Beta
Beta is a passionate Brazilian spiritual seeker, founder of Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga, a fascia awareness yoga system. After much research over 25 years of learning, her passion focuses on women’s embodiment and trauma healing integration.
Beta has been offering yoga mentoring programs and teacher training for the last 15 years.
Aside from the yoga world, she offers private sessions in Women’s Embodiment Coach, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapy, Myofascial Release bodywork and womb healing work.
Beta is about to publish her first book; Dynamic Spiral Yin Fascial Yoga, a guide for women’s embodiment.