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Bex Tyrer

Bex Tyrer

Yoga Philosophy & Feminine Embodiment


Bex has dedicated her life’s work to yoga and women’s health and focuses on bringing complex yogic thought and history to the modern practitioner whilst generating a deep connection and appreciation for Life. Bex has been a full time yoga teacher at the Yoga Barn, since 2009 where she teaches hatha, vinyasa, yin/restorative and women’s balance yoga classes.

Originally from Scotland, she has a love for the wilderness and with an MPhil graduate degree in Development Studies from Oxford University, she has an insatiable curiosity for exploring life in all its dimensions; including the study of Yogic thought and history.

Her personal journey with menstrual health, stress and anxiety has led her to birth workshops and trainings designed to support women’s holistic health. Her work is born from lived experience and dedicated research.

With her commitment to social and environmental justice as well as yoga knowledge, Bex’s workshops offer fresh new insights and spins on “Yoga” that are beneficial to the modern practitioner and teacher.

IG: @bextyreryoga

Experience Bex’s Workshops here:

The Cyclical Body: Yoga for Women’s Health & Harmony

In this workshop you will be introduced to the history of yoga as a practice designed by men for men, and its evolution into a practice whose primary practitioners are women.

We will explore the gaps in contemporary yoga regarding women’s health and wellbeing.

You will be introduced to the inner yoga of the menstrual cycle and a woman’s life stages and learn practices to support women’s pelvic organ health and hormone balance.

This workshop is a must for any woman who loves yoga, and any woman who is keen to learn more about the inner yoga of her menstrual cycle.

This workshop is mainly a presentation followed by a short practice.


The Mahavidyas: A journey into the world of the Great Goddesses

In this experiential workshop you will learn about the ten great goddesses, gain insight into the Goddess culture and traditions, the inner yoga of our life stages, and the empowerment and support we can gain as women by looking back to these powerful figures. Bex will guide you through a visual presentation, with thought provoking questions and insights for what these powerful energies represent for you in your personal and intimate life.

You will learn about the often forgotten history of the goddess traditions in the yogic world and immerse in the vision of Uma Dinsmore-Tuli who has paired these goddesses with our life stages as women. For example, Chinnamasta as the protector of child-birth and near death experiences, or Matangi as the out-caste poet and overseer of the magical time of a woman’s later part of her cyclical years. You will learn how the Mahavidyas can support our transition through each menstrual cycle and through each initiatory life stage – from Menarche to Menopause.

This is a beautiful workshop designed to inspire and activate.