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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Bhiksu Bhadra Ruci

Bhiksu Bhadra Ruci

Buddhist Monk


Bhiksu Bhadra Ruci is the current abbot of Indonesia Gaden Syeydrup Nampar Gyelweiling monastery and the General Secretary of Konferensi Agung Sangha Indonesia (Great Conference of Indonesian Sangha). He was an ex-officio of General Secretary of Sangha Agung Indonesia. He graduated in Chemical Studies in Semarang and learned Buddhist philosophy for 5 years in Drepung Gomang Monastic University, South India. He has profound knowledge in various topics, such as Indonesian temple iconography, archaeology, and sociology of religion, including history, theology, culture, and ideology. He has been teaching Buddhist philosophy to laypeople and monastic order for 20 years.

He has spoken at many events, among others about the following topics:

1. Speaker in Technical Guidance Regarding Muaro Candi Temple 2019: “Candi Muaro Jambi Di Mata Dunia”

2. Speaker in 3rd Asian Buddhism Connection conference 2018 at Prasadha Jinarakkhita Indonesia: “The Monastic Life in Early Buddhism: Lessons from Archaeology”

3. Speaker in studium generale 2017 at Prasadha Jinarakkhita Indonesia: “Insight From Lalitavistara Panel Of Borobudur Temple”

4. Speaker in Borobudur International Buddhist Conference 2016, Indonesia: “Borobudur and People Enlightenment”

5. Speaker in International Buddhist Conference 2011, Srilanka: “Cultural Interflow of Buddhism between India and Sri Lanka: the gateway of Indianisation in South East Asia (Indonesia)”

At BaliSpirit Festival he will share his wisdom about Buddhism and how to apply it in everyday life.

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