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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Bobsy Gaia

Bobsy Gaia

Coco Love Stage MC


Bobsy Gaia is a passionate Ecopreneur (Eco & Entrepreneur) whose driving motivation in all his works is to inspire change & raise awareness. “Once we are aware there is no going back. Awareness is the key to sustainable change.”

Veteran environmentalist, founder of MANA! & ardent advocator of plant-based lifestyle, Bobsy is at the heart of the Eco movement & need no introduction.

Bobsy is credited with being the pioneer of HK’s conscious business movement, having operated all his enterprises with a non-negotiable foundation of putting people & planet first. This has been expressed from his very early days in HK, with his first company G.A.I.A. back in 1993 producing & designing awareness raising Eco-fashion & the establishment of ABLE Charity to protect Lamma Island’s environment & planting the now lush Lamma Forest on the North of the Island, all the way through to the present. Bobsy is also credited with being the pioneer of the organic plant-based movement having launched HK’s first fully vegetarian lifestyle cafe The Bookworm Cafe back in 1997, & SoHo’s beloved Life Cafe (2004), where now common options like Quinoa, gluten-free & raw food were first introduced to the City. Currently he runs multiple restaurants & cafe’s under the MANA! (2012) umbrella, all of which uphold a Zero Food Waste & Eco-friendly philosophy, donating tons of food scraps to be turned into compost for the organic farming community as well as operating busy fast food outlets that leave no trail of rubbish behind them via biodegradable & compostable packaging & comprehensive in-house recycling.

For more information about Bobsy Gaia, see: www.mana.hk