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Ubud, Bali March 29 - April 5, 2020

Brendan Ryan

Brendan Ryan

Stretching and Bodywork


Brendan is 32 years old trained sports physiotherapist from Ireland. After finishing his university he has gone on to learn a diverse set of treatments that have given his sessions a broader and more holistic structure.

The main pillar of these sessions is Anatomy in Motion, a very in depth process of assessment of movement in the joints of the body. This allows him to assess clients in a more real-life way to find out where restrictions reside in the body and through a detailed discussion of past injuries, why they may have occurred. When we link the physical understanding of how our body functions and its’ responses to pain with our own narrative or picture of ourselves in relation to it, we can begin to take greater control in our own healing.

The session is based mainly around simple yet specific exercises tailored to each individual based on their unique needs at the time of our meeting.

Through guidance and education in self-care, the body can be stimulated to heal itself and move in a new and hopefully far more efficient way. When we move with more confidence on our feet, we have less tension and wasted energy in our whole system and this can often set in motion a cascade of healing in many areas.

For more information about Brendan, see: www.findingcentre.co.uk