Ubud, Bali May 4-7, 2023

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly

Transformational Breath Coach

Brian Kelly is the Co-Founder of Bali based personal development platform YogiLab, and Founder and lead coach of Breath Masters, an online International school for Transformational Breath Coach certification.

Through Brian’s retreats, workshops, online challenges, courses, private and group sessions he has helped over 7,000 students worldwide overcome the epidemic of mental health challenges, including; chronic stress, anxiety, depression all while breaking through limiting beliefs and childhood traumas, creating space for rapid growth, healing and transformation.

Brian’s unique style of breathwork combines the power of conscious connected breathing, with hypnotherapy, brain entrainment and sound frequency technology all stacked to deliver a world class mind bending experience unlike anything else yet seen in the world of breathwork.

One of Brian’s recent students had this to say:

”That was such a beautiful experience. Really hard, but then, WOW, so profound. I just counted, since my childhood, I’ve done about 3,315 hours of yoga/meditation/breathwork… be it attending trainings, teaching or attending classes or self practice. Out of all those beautiful experiences and modalities, this has to be one of the most powerful.”