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Empowerment Yoga


Byron taught for many years at the world-renowned Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga studio in Santa Monica, California.

Born and raised on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma, Byron was raised to believe that simplicity is a key component of happiness. It was instilled from an early age the benefits of hard work and discipline.

Yoga led Byron around the world and eventually led him to Bali where he met one of his mentors, Amara Samata, and was introduced to her techniques through Inner Guidance.
From these experiences he has developed his own style of Empowerment Yoga, which confronts mental conditioning and deeply rooted fears with the aim of aligning with ones true life purpose.

Byron’s guidance has developed into a method of precision cueing and verbal support that encourages people to explore their edges while connecting to one’s heart. His classes offered at The Yoga Barn are creative emanations of his journey on this planet cultivated from rich life experiences. They are designed to lift you up and trust life.