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Byron de Marsé

Byron de Marsé

Empowerment Yoga


Having facilitated over 10,000 yoga classes around the world, Byron’s natural approach has an authentic and sincere feel to it. He really understands how to create a special experience through the art of language and knowledge of the body.

He taught many of those classes at the world famous Bryan Kest’s Power Yoga and Equinox in Santa Monica, California for 9 years before moving to Bali in 2020, and now primarily working at The Yoga Barn. Having been raised on a cattle ranch in rural Oklahoma, he learned that simplicity is a key component to happiness.

After losing his father at 17, Byron discovered yoga which helped him cope with the tragedy. As a former athlete, yoga immediately spoke to him on a physical and spiritual level. Yoga became his church, gym, therapy, and home away from home. Yoga was helping him helped him confront fears, connect with truth, and prioritize his life’s purpose.

In 2021, Byron created “Empowerment Flow” which blends ancient yoga wisdom with modern arts to go beyond the asana and reveal more truth through written, artistic, and verbal expression.

Over the years, Byron’s style has developed into a method of precision cueing and inspiring dialogue that encourages people to explore their edges while staying connected to something greater than themselves. His classes are creative emanations of his journey cultivated from diverse life experiences. They are designed to open you up and trust life. They are one of a kind.

This is Byron’s 3rd year being a part of BaliSpirit Festival.

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