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Yoga Dance Music Healing

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Candice Halliday-Bryant

Candice Halliday-Bryant

Kriya, Meditation, Yoga


Candice, a beacon of magic born in the 1990s UK, tracing her roots back to the rich tapestry of African heritage. Her solo odyssey carried her around the world, and for the past 9 years, she has woven her essence into the mystical fabric of Bali. With a tapestry adorned by a 28-year mosaic of dance, drama, performing arts, DJIng, music, spirituality and immersive events, her portfolio resonates with the echoes of myriad experiences and expertise, creating a spellbinding narrative.

For the past 11 years, Candice has delved deeper into a transformative journey of intertwining the threads of her own evolution with that of healing her ancestral lineage, bringing creativity and spirituality into a mesmerizing symphony.

Candice aspires to guide others on paths of self-discovery, remembrance, connection, and celebration. Inspiring transformative personal growth and empowerment.

Candice specializes in crafting intuitive channeled immersive experiences. Through a spectrum of modalities such as Ceremonies, Meditation, Yoga, Sound healing, Kriya yoga, Reiki & Kundalini bodywork, she leads participants on profound journeys of personal evolution from within.
Humbled and sharing at her second home The Yoga Barn, Her devotion to creating safe and empowering spaces reveals her essence—a nurturing enchantress cultivating the dormant seeds of potential, guiding souls toward self-realization.