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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Cok Widhi

Cok Widhi

Traditional Flute Instrumental

Bali/ Indonesia

Cok Widhi is a newcomer indeed, but Cokorda Gede Widhi Adnyana Sukawati (Cok Widhi) is starting to get recognition as a traditional flute player (Suling) in Bali. Although he regularly played up-tempo music such as jazz, salsa, and bossa nova, Cok Widhi does not forget his roots and often included Balinese traditional music while performing, as an attempt to promote Balinese music locally and worldwide.

His love for music and traditional flute began from an early ages. As a teenager, he started to make his way by performing solo or with his band at some Ubud events and later across Bali. One of the highlights in his career is his performance at the Nusa Dua Light Festival in 2019.

This young musician aspires to become a world-class flute player, like his idols Kitaro and Gus Teja (a famous flute player in Bali). To broaden his knowledge and skills, he studied Ethnomusicology at the Indonesia Art Institute of Yogyakarta. Currently, he is writing and composing his own music to be released online in the near future, another milestone to get him closer to achieving his dream.

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For more information about Cok Widhi, find him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tjokorda.cokwidhi