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Colleen Schell

Colleen Schell

Empowered Leadership


Colleen Schell empowers leaders who want to teach, inspire, and influence people in the superpower of storytelling and public speaking from the stage.

The founder of FABx, Colleen, impacts the way people think in order to get better results. She helps others to harness the power of their personal story to teach the wisdom they’ve learned and so upleveling the hearts and minds of others.

Colleen helps others to deal with their self-imposed limits, face their fears, and claim their greatness.

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Storytelling & Authentic Theming for Yoga Teachers
For yoga teachers that want to make a bigger impact on their students through powerful storytelling and theming.

The wisdom you hold as a trained yoga teacher, and practicing your craft on and off the mat, is so precious and so needed.

Get support to identify and craft your powerful themed personal stories and cultivate the courage to share them in class!

You’ll be trained to craft and share your personal stories so they land and make a big difference for your students.

❤Learn the FABx storytelling formula that has allowed 100’s of coaches and leaders shine on the stage
❤Craft stories for your yoga class using 5 different themes (examples could be: courage, self-love, living your values, forgiveness, and compassion)
❤Get personal coaching and support from the group
❤Practice your story together and cultivate the capacity to share boldly
❤Get practice! Tell your 5-minute story in front the group