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Daniel Winn

Daniel Winn

Artist & Self-Expression Coach

Daniel J. Winn: Facilitator of Transformation and Creator of Express Your Magic

Experience the transformative power of PLAY with Daniel J. Winn, a pioneer in blending creative expression with deep self-work. Daniel, the visionary behind the Shadow Improv Method™ and co-creator of the acclaimed musical, “Conscious: The Musical,” invites you to a unique 120-minute workshop, Shadow Comedy Improv. Dive into an engaging experience where laughter and play lead to profound personal breakthroughs.

From a high-flying career in corporate sales to a transformative journey across the globe, Daniel’s adventure began when he left his lucrative job in London to explore spirituality and creativity. His travels led him to live in a conscious communities around the world, sparking deep personal growth and a new life of expression & creativity. Daniel’s creative expression flourished, culminating in writing, directing, and starring in his own musical comedy, celebrated worldwide in conscious communities.

Today, Daniel combines his extensive experience in personal development and creative arts to help others unlock their potential. His trademarked Shadow Improv Method™ uses character creation and performance to explore and embrace hidden aspects of the self. This innovative approach promises not only entertainment but lasting transformation, making it an ideal gateway to the wider offerings of his coaching business, Express Your Magic, where he continues to guide individuals towards living their most authentic lives.

Join Daniel for a session of Shadow Comedy Improv to laugh, play, and transform. Embrace your shadow, meet your unclaimed selves, and step into your power with guidance from a master of creative transformation.