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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

David Barnes

David Barnes

Personal Development Activities - Kids


Understanding, accepting and feeling good about ourselves affects everything we do, and we all pretty much want connection and a fulfilling, meaningful life.
Based on this, David prepares, promotes and facilitates interactive, challenging or fun activities which try to boost our connection and let us jump into the wisdom of old, modern research and success stories of happiness and life-skills.

He has been preparing and presenting social justice, community development and personal development activities – ranging from volunteering to self-esteem since 1998 – and has a range of experience presenting programs and working with schools and international organisations.
He aims to support individuals and organisations in undertaking fulfilling and meaningful experiences which hold universal values at their centre – a rebuttal to disillusionment with modern life, its fast pace and disconnection – and supporting trust, love, empowerment, responsibility and direction for who and what we can be.

His work with schools can involve lots of activity presented in fun, challenging and caring ways and include everything from reflections, games, stories, visualisations, music, creativity, ritual, art, film and meditations.
He is also presenting a proposal to the European Union Institutions which aims to bring leaders and policy-makers of a global organisation into direct contact with those in need, with values and with themselves.

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