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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

De Meru Tikal

De Meru Tikal

Rewild Your Voice


Tikal is a French Indonesian artist, a singer-songwriter who leads voice groups with fierce loving and deep understanding to impact the realization of sovereignty. Under the RYSE (Rewild Your Sovereign Expression) banner and within her group singing circles, she offers life-changing experiences and rites of passage for those who seek and are hungry for truth. These are empowering circles grounded on the spirit of community and based on soulful listening, mind gardening, rewilding, and intuitive music making.

Raised in Java, an island of mystical spirit music in the active Ring of Fire, Tikal further developed her journey in Bali, an island populated by Javanese kings and warrior descendants. In 2006 Tikal graduated from Fine Arts school in France, majoring in the psychonautic, oneiric, and shamanic arts. In 2007 she learned from Don Kestembetsa and the sacred vine spirits in Peru the application of ancient codes in sound through visions but also through the sacred vocal instrument. In 2014 she was initiated into the Whale totem, carrier of ancient sounds by White Star, medicine woman and medium of the Cherokee and Pawnee immediate descent.

She is currently writing an album with Katie Underwood in Melbourne, stepping through initiations through channeling in the ways of Zimbabwean mediumship in New Mexico, and practicing the Bana Kuma philosophy. She is a co-creator of the DMTFM music project born in 2018.

For more information about Tikal, see: www.RewildYourVoice.com and listen to her music here: tikal.bandcamp.com