Yoga Dance Music

Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022



Modern Ancestors

France/ Indonesia/ New Zealand

DMTFM is a collaborative sound meditation and music project created by two Melbourne based artists, Tikal de Meru and Craigus McVegas, and joined by Indonesian musician and artist Agustian Supriatna. Tikal is an intuitive vocalist who uses sacred drums and other exotic instruments. Craigus supports Tikal’s ritual with mystical soundscapes, created by looping analog synths, guitars, and Himalayan bells.

They have collaborated with NGOs in Mongolia to give voice to the people and environment of Lake Khuvsgul and support the application for UNESCO cultural heritage protection.

For Bali Spirit 2020, they have invited the graceful and wild mask dancer Malaika Vera to perform with them and bringing along the participation of songline keeper and elder of the Solomon Islands, Nathaniel Dolaiasi, to offer a prayer performance for the Water Spirits.

Summoning magic from their soul Tikal intends to tap into ley lines of ancient and living wisdom from the indigenous and ancestral minds, offering to shine light on humanity’s greatness with wise unedited experiential knowledge about self-love and inclusiveness. To portray the balance between fierce love and surrendered vulnerability, she speaks and sings to the inextinguishable tales of the humans’ gift of feeling and caring. The collaboration provides an unconventional experience of hypnotic beauty and power with soaring vocals, gripping bass, and intuitive world instrument genius.

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For more information about DMTFM, see: www.dmtfmmusic.com and listen to their music here: https://dmtfm.bandcamp.com/