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Dr. Susianto Tseng

Dr. Susianto Tseng

King of Tempeh


In this Kingdom of Tempeh lives a very passionate vegan Doctor, who goes around the world, representing Indonesia, always wearing his Batik Clothing, to promote the internationally appreciated cultural heritage of his Indonesian ancestors: The Miracle of Tempeh (also known as fermented SoyBean cakes).

Dr. Susianto Tseng was elected to be the Chair of the International Council of International Vegetarian Union (IVU) in 2015. He is also the founder and President of the World Vegan Organisation (WVO), which was established on April 8th of 2018 in Taiwan.

With his contagious passion for veganism, the Dr. also brought the Indonesia Vegetarian Society (IVS) and Vegan Society of Indonesia (VSI) to be nationally and internationally known and opened the first Vegan School in Jakarta.

After BaliSpirit Festival you can find the Dr. at the 8th World Vegan Organisation Conference and Vegan Festival, which will be held in Jakarta from May 12th to 14th, and in Bali on May 16th, 2023.


Healthy and Happy Lifestyle : The Miracle of Tempeh
Physical and mental health are important components of wellness.

Natural plant (vegan) foods have an important role for physical and mental health.

Good physical and mental health can increase immunity.

Good body immunity can prevent diseases

Tempeh, which is the heritage food of Indonesia, is well known as one of the world’s superfoods. It is made by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form. Originating from an ancient Javanese word, Tumpi, Tempeh was the food of Majapahit kings, one of the greatest kingdoms of that time.

Tempeh with its earthy flavor, has abundant nutritions everybody needs and the nutritions itself can be easily absorbed by the body.

It’s the number one staple source of plant-based (vegan) protein in Indonesia. Its protein is as much as meat but its price is 10 times cheaper! It is a gift from Indonesia to the world.

In Indonesia, you may find tempeh so easily, either in traditional or modern markets. Either in hawker street foods or even in five star hotel restaurants. Either in the city or suburb. You may call our country, The Kingdom of Tempeh