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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Eeshi-Ra Hart

Eeshi-Ra Hart

Body Sonics Shamanic Journey


Eeshi-Ra Hart (formerly Ashera) is from the UK and is the founder of Sonic Life Solutions, now based in Bali.  She is a sound healing practitioner with almost 20 years’ experience and is an international speaker, sonic facilitator, professional singer, musician/producer, mentor, ceremonialist and lifestyle coach.  Eeshi-Ra has trained with many of the world’s top experts in sound healing, breathwork, trauma release, bodywork, sexual healing, voice, lightwork, and ceremonial dance, and combined with her Egyptian and Melchizedek priestess lineages, she unifies all this wisdom with the potency of sound healing and the healing ability of the voice to create lasting change at a DNA level so we can fully embody our “I AM” spiritual presence.

She is the pioneer of many sound healing modalities using the voice and other instruments tuned to specific frequencies for Ascension, Earthing, and Healing.  Her clients have had great success in resolving chronic pain, poor energy flow, nerve damage, reduced mobility, and more: Body Sonics; Cellular Sonics for osteopaths, physiotherapists and other bodyworkers; Women’s Wellbeing – The Reclaiming and a 10-part online course; Corporate Wellness, Dentists – for anxious patients, and Sexual De-Armouring – Sex Sonics.  She offers many tools to support our healing journey: tuning forks/chimes, online courses/sessions, sound-healing ringtone, audio, video downloads, eBooks, and so on…

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For more information about Eeshi-Ra Hart, see: https://eeshirahart.net/