Yoga Dance Music

Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Elah & AuSierra

Elah & AuSierra

Ceremonial Medicine Music & Uplifting Anthems

USA/ Bali

Elah & AuSierra are are New Paradigm Artists, International Musicians & Transformational Ceremonialists based between Los Angeles & Bali. They have shared their live music & Ecstatic Cacao Ceremonies all over the world, from Australia, Singapore, Bali, Germany, Finland, Portugal, Denmark, Miami, NYC & Los Angeles.

Their mission is to co-create a unified field of music, ceremony & collective prayer with change makers who are inspired to develop a harmonic New Paradigm on our planet.

​Their unforgettable music & ceremonies involve uplifting anthems & transformational meditations that invoke soul revival, inspire heart opening, activate vocal empowerment, encourage collective connection & awaken the pure love that lives within us all.

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For more information about Elah & AuSierra, see: http://www.elahandausierra.com/