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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Evan Rilling

Evan Rilling

Peace Sticks & Circles - Kids


Evan is an artist at heart. Inspired by his family’s love for growing and cooking food, his journey as a chef began at a young age. He is a master of health-conscious farm to table cuisine. After graduating from college with a BA in Studio Arts he went on to become Will Smith’s personal chef. His love for travel lead him around the world were he designed menus, created recipes, and cooked for health-conscious retreat centers, health food brands, and restaurants. He is now bringing things full circle and producing content to inspire chefs to create loving connections through home-cooked meals, one vegetable, one plate, and one family at a time.


The Magic Invention Peace Sticks was discovered by Shine and Evan Rilling in 2006. One day on a hike with their dog in a forest, they picked up sticks and began to throw them back and forth. During this play, they realized they entered into a powerful, transformative flow state of peak-performance consciousness. Since creation Peace Sticks has been taught to thousands of people. Peace Sticks ceremonies have been utilized in schools, rehabilitation centers, corporate team building, athletic cross training, at-risk youth, music festivals, and public peace ceremonies. When facilitating even draws on his background in Chi Gong, Native American ceremonies, music, and men’s work.

Evan will be offering up family and children’s Peace Circles at this years Festival, see his schedule.

For more information about Evan, see: www.worldpeacetribe.com