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Yoga Dance Music Healing

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Wayan Sudirana

Wayan Sudirana

Gamelan Yuganada


Wayan Sudirana, is a composer and ethnomusicologist who graduated from the University of British Columbia, Canada. He diligently studied ancient music in Bali. In addition, he also studied many world music traditions, such as Pungmul and Samulnori music from South Korea, West African drumming ensembles from Ghana West Africa, South Indian solo drumming, and also Western classical music. With his experiences, he developed his music with a strong foundation in traditional music, and at the same time, moving forward to finding a new identity in the realm of “new music for gamelan”.

Sudirana has written two books on gamelan Gong Luang and Gong Kebyar, and has written many articles published in reputable national and international journals with the theme of Balinese gamelan studies (traditional and new), and world music. Sudirana has also released five albums with Gamelan Yuganada which are available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, etc.

Now Sudirana is active as one of the Lecturers in Music and Postgraduate Study Program ISI Denpasar, as well as being the founder and owner of the Gamelan Yuganada community