Yoga Dance Music

Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Green Leaf

Green Leaf

Yoga / Meditation Music

Bali/ Indonesia

Green Leaf is a band consisting of three musicians who have qualified in the Indonesian music scene. With different musical backgrounds, each of these personnel starts with jamming at each meeting. From there, they finally found a new nuance of music. Gus Tilem has often played blues free style; Djarot plays all kinds of music, who then finds the right music in his soul, namely Sitar; Arjun has a drum base, and is now wrestling tabla with new challenges.

Green Leaf carries World Music as its genre, or often referred to as meditation music or yoga music. They felt challenged to play this meditation music because in the body of Green Leaf itself there is a musical content that collaborates between the zither with slides, supported by Tabla as his rhythm. As the name implies, Green Leaf also campaigns for us to love the environment and nature. This nuance is also inspired or inspired by Rh Cooder & VM Bhatt.

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