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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Hartmut Bez

Hartmut Bez

Hangab-Sessions & Bhakti


Hartmut Bez Founder of Hangab was born ´68 in South-Germany and worked as a tree climber to prune trees. The work was intense, and he got back problems. By hanging with the knees from a branch, it got better, but he could not hang long enough because it was painful and he also could not really let go- otherwise, he would have fallen. So he developed some “boots” and with an engineer a special pulley system, where he could pull himself slowly up into the hanging position. He was held by the boots, so he could really let go and his back pains dissolved. After one year of self-treatments, he started to give friends intuitive hanging sessions and supported them energetically, with different lifts and body postures. He already had many experiences in intuitive healing work before and over the years, he learned to trust his intuition and perception. He also made a course in spiritual massage. He has been giving Hangab-sessions since 1997. In 2004 he started teaching Hangab-Workshops with his wife Petra. He still feels grace and fascination about how deeply and effectively Hangab works.

His other passion is sharing music- singing prayers and entering together into a sacred space of oneness.

This year Hartmut will be co-presenting Hangab Sessions & Bhakti with Hubert Muehlbacher and Team and have a Coco Love Stage performance with his band Rising Souls

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For more information about Hartmut & Hangab, see: www.hangab.de