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Indra Widjanarko

Indra Widjanarko

Namaha Yoga


Indra Widjanarko (印度尼西亚)

Indra Widjanarko (印度尼西亚)

A loving and compassionate yoga teacher from Lombok island of Indonesia, Indra has been practicing yoga for 20 years. Indra is well versed in many styles and accomplished her teacher training in Hatha Vinyasa from INSPYA School, Sun Yoga for kids, pre and post natal yoga and has 500hrs in Yoga Therapy.

Indra来自印度尼西亚的巴厘岛,是一位充满爱和慈悲的老师,练习瑜伽已经有20年了。她擅长教授各种流派,获得了INSPYA 学校Hatha Vinyasa, Sun Yoga for Kids, pre & post natal以及500小时理疗瑜伽教师培训等认证资格证书。

After practicing for 20 years, and 12 years of teaching in many different countries, Indra created Namaha Yoga. A style of Yoga which brings an intention into your practice, making every move into a meaningful action. Combining music, touch, breath and movement, as well as mantras and mudra to create this joyful and heartfelt yoga style. Namaha techniques offer a step by step guidance to approach simple or challenging poses with greater awareness and ease.

“Flowing with breath and connection to the heart…feel how joyous your yoga practice can be”


Indra specializes in custom made retreats in Bali and Lombok to fit with your needs, bringing the practice of yoga into a meaningful and holistic lifestyle. Courses available are: 200 hours International Yoga Teacher Training (Hatha and Flow yoga based), Kids Yoga, Parent-Kid Yoga, Finding Your Voice, Meditation and Kirtan, Partner Yoga (Indra-David Currie).

Indra专门在巴厘岛和龙目岛定制静修来满足你的需求,将瑜伽练习变得有意义成为整体的生活方式。现有的课程包括:200小时国际教师培训(哈他瑜伽和流瑜伽为基础),儿童瑜伽,亲子瑜伽,找到你的声音,冥想和唱诵,双人瑜伽(Indra和David Currie)。

Indra shares her practice in various International Yoga Festivals such as: Bali Spirit Festival (Indonesia), Woodford Folk Festival (Australia), and other yoga festivals in China.


Find and join her classes/workshops/trainings in Indra Yoga Studio in Mataram-Lombok!


Check out Indra’s workshops here

For more information on Indra, please see: www.namahayoga.com