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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Dustin & Ixchel Love

Dustin & Ixchel Love

Loveolution Cacao Ceremony


Dustin & Ixchel are here to serve humanity to gracefully make the transition from duality to oneness by inspiring and empowering people to activate their full potential, embody their divinity & awaken the wisdom of the heart. They weave together their passions, offering LOVEOLUTION ceremonies, workshops and retreats around the world with cacao, yoga, dance, breathwork, meditation, sound healing, singing circles, sweat lodge, Satsang & sharing circles.

They are inspired to share all the things they are learning in their relationship with RADICAL LOVE workshops & retreats. Bridging Mindfulness & Non-Dualism with Tantra, infused with deep devotion they share practical tools for conscious communication, resolving conflict, cultivating gratitude, deeper self-love, authenticity, intimacy & tantric sexuality. Ixchel is writing two books – Radical Love, Tools for Deepening Intimacy and Authenticity in Relationship & Living the Loveolution.

Their powerful love, presence & dedication to holding a safe space inspires spontaneous joy & authentic embodiment of the truth of who we are – pure love. Ixchel and Dustin are honored to share a YOGA OF RADICAL LOVE workshop & LOVEOLUTION CACAO CEREMONY at Bali Spirit Festival!

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For more information about Dustin & Ixchel, see: www.loveolutionworldwide.com