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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Jason Lee Worton

Jason Lee Worton



Jason Lee Worton, Jamaican singer/musician, is an esteemed and versatile member of the Jamaican music industry. He has backed many current and past reggae stars, including several members of the Marley family and most of the “Reggae Revival” artistes. As a member of The Indiggnation, Protoje’s band, he was central in building the live presentation of Protoje’s studio tracks, a few of which he contributed to. Over the years Worton has earned the nickname “Jamaican Jimi Hendrix”.

After leaving Indiggnation to focus further on his own music, he developed chronic tendinitis that left his hands crippled for months. This ordeal was transformative; coming out of a deep depression and disability left Worton with deeper appreciation and passion. A year later he lost his brother in a tragic plane crash in Kingston that caused him to lean even deeper into the spiritual lessons learnt from his previous experience. Worton’s devotion to music and wellness continue, combining his music with more world music influences, inspired by his farming and yoga practice.

In addition to extensive touring backing other artistes, most recently Kumar,  Worton has performed his own music at international events such as the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, and Wanderlust Hawaii. He is among the favourites at  local venues such as Jamnesia and Red Bones, and plays frequently for yoga studios and events in the Jamaican yoga community. Jason self-produces his distinct blues-guitar driven “Dub Rock Reggae” sound from his home studio in the hills outside of Kingston, Jamaica, and is an avid surfer, yogi, and  farmer.

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For more information about Jason Worton, see: http://jwortonmusic.com