Ubud, Bali May 4-7, 2023

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Jesus Hidalgo

Jesus Hidalgo

Medicine Music


Jesus Hidalgo is a medicine music composer and singer, an activist for the rights of our mother nature, the rights of animals, and a guardian of our ancestral legacy from Venezuela. He has reached the hearts of many with his medicine songs, and has recorded four albums: “Para ser un sol” (To be a sun) which gained him a nomination as Best New Artist for the 2013 Latin Grammy, “Yo camino lo que canto” (I walk what I sing), his second album, “Sanando con los símbolos Reiki” (Healing with Reiki symbols) his third, and “Duos” the fourth. Jesus collaborates with Climate Change and Sachamama.org (2015-2016) leading forums about climate change in different cities within the American continent [AA1] and Mexican universities such as Puebla, Monterrey, and UNAM.

Jesus will be collaborating on Coco Love Stage with Giselle World and Raio.

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For more information about Jesus Hidalgo, see: https://onerpm.lnk.to/JesusHidalgo