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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Jo Brown

Jo Brown

Women's Embodied Relaxation


Healer, Embodiment Facilitator, Mentor, Ritualist, Educator, and Writer.

Jo is an emerging elder with 30 years of embodied teaching experience. This Aussie native shares wisdom and practices about the ever-shifting balance of knowing when to get stuff done and when to yield to life’s natural timing by deepening your physical and subtle body awareness.

Jo left a career in marketing to pursue intensive embodiment studies including esoteric physiotherapy, Hatha and Tantric yoga, ritual, dance, and somatic counselling.

Since then, she has qualified and taught alongside many international teachers including Sensei Doko Hatchett, Tina Nance, Dr. Libby, Tanya Kaps and Michaela Boehm.

Jo’s upcoming book entails practical ways to navigate divinity in contemporary life as wise women.

Privileged to walk country and teach amongst Traditional Australian Elderwomen,  Jo has also run, managed, and presented internationally at a multitude of events, conferences, retreats and teacher trainings. She has written for many wellness platforms including Elephant Journal, Nature and Health, Australian Gourmet Traveller and Viva Magazine.

Living, loving and learning in and about your female body’s innate intelligence reduces stress, anxiety and improves your natural boundaries and ability to attract what you need into your life and heart.

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For more information about Jo Brown, see:  www.sacredunionmentor.com