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Jungle Kitchen

Jungle Kitchen

Organic house


Jungle Kitchen is a band composed of French multi-instrumentalist Baptiste Sejourne, Ecuadorian multi-percussionist Shamanic Catharsis (aka Pablo Vicencio), Indonesian percussionist Ditto and a Chilean virtuoso multi-instrumentalist Mauricio Vicencio.
A collaboration born in the jungles of their home base of Bali, they create organic soundscapes by blending electronic synthesizers and looping with live instruments from all over the world.

Pablo Vicencio
Shamanic Catharsis ( Pablo Vicencio) is a producer and multi-percussionist who has traveled the world in search of his sound, part of Shika Shika, ZZK, Sabi Records, and Chill Mountain record label. Producer and multi-instrumentalist of Huaira, Hatawa, Jungle Kitchen, Wanukta Tonic, Bueyes de Madera, and different bands around the world. He recorded the percussions of the album (Waiting for Your Voice) by Paulina Aguirre with which she won the first Latin Grammy in the category of Christian music. Recording and Performing with great artists such as Nicola Cruz in a large part of his latest albums and remixes. The last tour he had with Huaira took place at Nomade Festival Chile, Art With Me Mexico, Fusion Fest Germany, Sonar Spain, Off Sonar Spain, Ozora Festival Hungary, Woomoon Ibiza and Tulum, StoryTellers Ibiza and Tulum, Katerblau Berlin Germany, Festival Hermoso Ruido Colombia, Moonbow Tulum, Live Hall Music Cologne Germany.

Baptiste Sejourne
A musical journey that was seeded by the traditional music of Old Europe, and later, profoundly influenced by the music and spirit of North America.
Baptiste music fosters Ceremonia experiences across many settings including Ecstatic Dance, Contact Improv, and festival live sets. He enjoys the flexibility and depth that electronic music offers. He released an Ep Kura Kura under
The Label Numa (Germany) did a remix for Porangi.
Baptiste has more than 12 years of experience in music and music production education. He is now sponsored by Ableton Live and used to be a teacher at the Greenschool in Bali.






Hymn of the Dreamers 2020
Adi Shakti remix by Jungle Kitchen 2021
Hymn of the Dreamers Remix 2021
Sufi Yogurt 2021
Overture 2022