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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Kay Balnaves

Kay Balnaves

Women's Pelvic Health & Taoist Healing Arts


Kay is a Pelvic Health Practitioner & Yoga Therapist who devotes her time to holding sacred space for & empowering women in specialised trainings & retreats in Asia, Australia, Europe & the UK.

She specialises in yoga & movement practices tailored to the female form, Taoist Healing Arts & techniques for awakening & nurturing the potent & intelligent energy centers of the body.  

She is passionate about bringing ancient wisdom teachings into this time in a grounded, practical, pleasurably safe, & deeply nurturing environment.  Merging eastern and western wisdom teachings, with modern science, physiology & psychology to educate, empower & inspire every woman to heal, honour & come home to the innate wisdom within.

She is here to hold a space that facilitates exploration, authentic embodied expression & remembrance of what it means to be~ authentically ~ real ~ beautifully flawed ~ alive ~ awake~ WOMAN.

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For more on Kay, visit her website here: www.kaybalnaves.com