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Ken Lewicki

Ken Lewicki

Channeling Inc


Ken Lewicki is a Channeling Trainer who grew up in Western Canada and raised his daughter as a full-time single father. In 2001, Ken’s father passed away. Three years later, Ken’s father became his spirit guide and taught him how to channel so he could teach others how to channel. Over the next 20 years, Ken honed his abilities to channel souls, ascended masters, angels, archangels, ancestors, past lives, animals, and more.

Since 2004, Ken has been training people to become Psychics, Mediums, and Channelers, as well as certifying Reiki Masters, Akashic Records Practitioners, and Healers. In addition, Ken coaches individuals who are simply curious about how to access their spirit guides, ancestors, and loved ones to help them navigate their day-to-day lives. No prior experience is necessary.

Early on, Ken realized the importance of channeling as a foundation for ALL spirituality. Because of this, he made it his life’s mission to “Make this world a better place by teaching people how to channel.” Imagine how much better the world would be if everyone learned how to channel and followed the guidance of their spirit guides to do what they are really meant to do in this lifetime. His full-time career is, “Empowering People Through Psychic Development.” What took him decades to master, Ken now teaches in his 1-on-1 sessions and large certification workshops around the world.

Using his psychology, counselling, and therapy training, Ken facilitates ongoing spiritual events such as Ascension Group Healings, Strategic Channeling Programs, Master Channeling Mastermind Workshops, Animal Communication, and The Ask Ken Show. Ken’s sense of humor and heartfelt guidance will keep you laughing while you learn. His motto is, ‘Spirituality is meant to be FUN!’

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