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Louisa Sear

Louisa Sear


Australia / Bali

Louisa has dedicated her life to the practice and teaching of Yoga. She is passionate in the inquiry to find one’s true nature and freedom. In her teaching, Louisa encourages the understanding and acceptance of life, finding the teacher within and acknowledging the Divine in all.

Louisa’s Asana classes are inwardly focused at the same time as creating outer integrity, through a more slow paced Vinyasa style. Louisa teachings on Yoga Philosophy remind students of that which IS, and ignites the inspiration for that freedom that lies within all of us.

Louisa has been teaching yoga for 38 years and has had a committed Yoga Sadhana practice for over 42 years since 1980. She is well known for her creation of the Yoga Arts 9 month Yoga Teacher Training, she developed in 1994.

She teaches the principles of Tantric Advaita Philosophy and specializes in Self Inquiry, Yoga Therapy , Ayurveda Lifestyle, Mindful Vinyasa Asana, Pranayama & Meditation. Louisa is the Lead Teacher on the Yoga Arts’ Yoga Teacher Trainings, Yoga Retreats and Yoga Workshops in Bali and around the globe.

Louisa encourages students to develop inwardly by diving deeply into oneself to awaken through mindful conscious practice on and off the mat.

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Experience Louisa’s workshops:

Mind & Body / Vichara Sadhana

This class is a combination of Mind: Jnana Yoga & Body: Asana.

1 hr Talk on the Tools of Yoga

1hr Practical Nivritti Slow Flow Vinyasa

Come join us for a philosophical chat reminding us of what is important, why we practice, and taking it off the mat !!

Then flow into our physical practice of Slow Flow Nivritti, Inward focus, breath with movement, movement with breath, stillness in movement, movement in stillness, where Chitta goes Prana flows, let it flow to the source – Tat Tvam Asi.


Nivritti Flow – Slow paced Vinyasa

Nivritti means inward, to turn your gaze inward, join a calm paced flow, working intelligently with form and focused with mind… moving Prana to where it needs to go… No frills, just taking us deeper and deeper becoming at one with body & breath