Yoga Dance Music

Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Lumina ft. Luke Kohen

Lumina ft. Luke Kohen

Electro Hip Hop World Neosoul Medicine


Lumina Musik, is the dynamic collaboration of Luke Kohen & Alika Waters. Bringing a fresh sound that explodes genres drawing from world fusion, electro, conscious hip-hop, neo-soul, medicine music & more. With Alika Waters on audio-production, abelton & live guitar fused with Luke Kohen’s diverse singing and rapping, the duo take audiences on a beautiful journey into the heart of expansion. “Highly infectious, dynamic, original, dancable, addictive positive anthems” are just a few ways to describe Lumina.

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For more information about Lumina, listen to their music here: https://alokaheart.bandcamp.com/