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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Mana Mei & Tongue of Limbs Dance Collective

Mana Mei & Tongue of Limbs Dance Collective

Dance Performance


Mana Mei presents a unique creation by Tongue of Limbs Dance. An Performance of Modern Dance and Ritual Movement, created by 13 women from around the globe. This piece has been created specifically for Bali Spirit Festival 2020, in the theme of Offering.
Mana Mei is a professional dancer and international facilitator of dance and embodiment. She creates experiences for women to explore their authentic embodiment through the language of dance. And to share in this experience with other women, strengthening the bond among women, and healing the ancient feminine wounds.
Tongue of Limbs is an opportunity for women from around the globe, of all dance experience, to come together and create meaningful art that can be shared with all people through live performance and dance film creation.
Mana is passionate about offering dance as an accessible avenue for all women to connect more deeply with their bodies and spirits and provide an outlet for creative expression, that also serves the healing of humans everywhere, the feminine energies, and the planet.

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For more information about Mana Mei & Tongue of Limbs Dance Collective, see: http://manamei.com