Ubud, Bali May 4-7, 2023

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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Mana Xu

Mana Xu

Soul Massage & Body Work of Soul Integration


Mana is gifted with the power of healing touch. She offers soul massage holistically integrating the physical body with the spiritual journey. Her unique approach opens up energetic blockages, transmits love, and reconnects the body to the soul.

She waves magic by acutely tuning in with intuition and attentively listening to the body through her hand. And her strong loving presence creates space to make deep and intentional contact with the self, and her empathetic touch helps receivers find clarity, identify patterns, and connect dots of life.

Her various spiritual practices led her into merging the physical body with a mystical soul, especially with Amazonian medicine opens her up to shamanic power. She weaves energy creating space for the mind to trustfully journey across dimensions. Himalayan Kriya Yoga also influences her profoundly which supports her clear mentally, physically and energetically to become a clear channel.

Her deepest joy comes from supporting people to live out their authentic selves and embark on journeys close to heart and soul.