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Marcel Hof

Marcel Hof

Quantum Deepening


Marcel Hof has spent a lifetime developing his method to transform lives. Alongside his brother, Wim Hof ‘The Ice Man’, Marcel has explored the extremes and tested the boundaries of human potential so the rest of us can benefit. Join us and experience the power of the Hof family’s exploration.

The following teachings, derived from Marcel’s lifetime of practice help you experience life-changing results that will transform your body, mind & soul and will elevate your current existence.

  • POWER OF BODY & MIND : Regain control of your own universe. Access your inner drug store; dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline on top, no more need for big pharma or external drugs.
  • MEDITATION : Marcel uses ancient techniques that help us access states that can benefit us in the modern world. Sharpen your mind to gain clarity, release trauma stress and anxiety & access peace through heart based meditations.
  • QUANTUM DEEPENING : After the breathing you are in a deep relaxed state and it is it easy to change old patterns and believes. Marcel brings you from a safe space where are you allowed to let go of everything that does not serve you anymore. Your true dentity can flourish again and you experience your power and autonomy.
  • SHAMANIC JOURNEYING : Humans have been synchronizing voice, sound and movement to produce deep trance states for milenia. We are going to use Marcel’s patented form of quantum hypnosis to give you access to the limitless possibilities within, so that you can enact change in your life.
  • BREATHING TECHNIQUES : Stimulating the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system allows your body to get more relaxed, feel energised, alive and out of the mind. This will increase the power and potential available to you in your life. Inflammation and being too acidic is the beginning of almost all diseases. In 20 minutes of breathing you reduce your acidity, become more alkaline and cleanse the body of unneeded waste materials and carbon dioxide.

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