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Maria Kellis

Maria Kellis

Miracle Catalyst


Maria Kellis is a miracle catalyst. She is a highly gifted energy worker, entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and teacher with an inspirational story of going through a miraculous life transformation. Maria Kellis is a spiritual entrepreneur bridging the world between business and spirituality, helping smart, high-achievers transform their lives into the reality they’ve been dreaming of. Maria helps you find peace, abundance, and a connection with your own power and purpose. If you feel afraid and trapped in your old patterns, Maria is able to help you get out of your own way, and release what is not working for you.

She specializes in helping those who struggle with energy blocks, past trauma, long term diseases, addiction, and depression. She will help you find the motivation and drive to manifest your highest potential. Maria’s coaching is intensive, in-depth, laser-focused, and designed to help you achieve permanent breakthroughs on a rapid timeline. You’ll develop a deeper connection to reality and humanity, to your business, and to yourself. You’ll be able to connect to your powerful, authentic voice, your intuitive self, and the creative force within you, empowering you to finally manifest your ultimate goals.

Even though she comes from a world of science and engineering (she holds 3 MIT degrees) she now works full time connecting the world of the mind to the world of the heart and spirit. She currently lives in 5 countries and works online around the world. Come meet Maria and experience the miracles yourself!

For more information about Maria, see: https://mariakellis.com/