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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Dr. Marie Mbouni

Dr. Marie Mbouni

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Dr. Marie Mbouni, founder of Heart Leadership, is a leading expert on helping high-performing leaders get reconnected and centered in order to achieve unprecedented levels of performance, alignment and joy.

A bestselling author, healer and speaker, Marie’s coaching is sought after by top entrepreneurs across the world. Her clients include New York Times Bestselling authors, CEO’s of 9 figure businesses and more.

 With every client she works with, Marie creates space for them to tap into their deepest gifts and true power in order to achieve their next level of impact and fulfillment.

Marie’s work is a reflection of her unique background in both Western and Eastern medicine. With 17 years’ experience as an MD in Anesthesiology and a Masters in Public Health, Marie has extensive practice in Western Medicine.

As a lifelong Intuitive and chanel, her Eastern roots include robust work in Shamanic and Energy Healing, Shamanic Breathwork®, Plant Medicines as well as certifications in Sound Color Movement Therapy and Yoga [500 RYT] to provide a holistic experience for her clients who are seeking to uncover their deepest truth and achieve a new level of success.

Marie is available to partner as a coach and guide with any high-performing leader who wants to reconnect with themselves on a deeper level in order to experience lasting and holistic success.

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For more information about Marie Mbouni, see: https://www.mariembouni.com/