Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 1-5, 2024

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Michael Hallock

Michael Hallock

Watsu Water Healing



Known affectionately as “Michael Watsu”, Michael is a Watsu therapist & a teacher of the Healing Dance form of aquatic bodywork who has offered Watsu Healing sessions at the Balispirit Festival since its inception in 2008.

A pioneer of aquatic bodywork in Asia Pacific, Michael Hallock resides here in Bali, teaching regularly at The Yoga Barn, in Ubud, Bali and offers facilitator trainings and retreats internationally.


In 1995 Michael first experienced aquatic bodywork and discovered a quality of presence and peace he had never known. It was “love-at-first-float” and one of the early experiences that propelled him into a journey of self-discovery. He found what was to become a life-long passion for healing arts, yoga and meditation that has since taken around the world to develop himself and share with others. Now, after 25 years of study, practice and teaching of healing arts, he leads retreats and trainings to answer the question:

“How can we cultivate peace and joy in ourselves, and how can we share that with the world?”

Michaal approaches Watsu Therapy as an art form, and each session is an intuitive dance unfolding a deeper connection with oneself.

Experience Watsu Water Healing at 10:00am daily at the Festival:


Watsu Water Healing

Experience an inner journey, floating effortlessly in warm water. Discover one of the most nurturing and transformative therapies, easing physical tension, clearing the mind, and soothing the heart.

In this workshop, you will learn some basic skills from the traditions of Watsu & Healing Dance Aquatic Bodywork and then take turns with a partner receiving and giving.

Come with a friend if you like, or partner up with another participant.


  • All Watsu Water Healing Sessions end in a floating meditation facilitated in a heated pool (35deg Celsius), and supported by pillows and props.
  • The practice of Watsu includes aquatic bodywork in the form of gentle stretch, massage, and passive joint movement.
  • NO swimming or dance experience is required – every-BODY is welcome.
  • The pool has LIMITED CAPACITY, please arrive by 10:00 am to reserve your space.
  • Bring a bathing suit, a towel & eco-friend shower amenities if you have them
  • Have a water bottle with you for refreshment
  • Night time private sessions are also available to book through the Wellness Center: +6281 3888 126