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MonÁxi Daughter of the Earth

MonÁxi Daughter of the Earth

African/ World

Singer, percussionist and songwriter MonÁxi, represents a new generation of musicians claiming their Portuguese-Angolan musical and African spiritual heritage.
Meaning “Daughter of the Earth” in Kimbundo, a dialect of Angola, MonÁxi began her musical journey in Lisbon. Growing up from roots in afro-jazz, soul and gospel, she was already deeply in the music scene when she found the D’jembe (African drum) twenty years ago. This connection to the drum opened MonÁxi to the essence of her unique expression, while meeting other amazing artists through her travels inspired her to deepen in the wisdom of music as medicine, a balm for the body and inspiration for the spirit.

Today, using her music as a tool, MonÁxi’s mission is to empower all the people of the world, to support their awakening to the beauty and wisdom of the Mother Earth, uniting diverse cultures and beliefs and connecting especially with the LGBTQUIA + community.

Her first album, “Daughter of the Earth”, with the title track “Filha da Terra” was released in 2019. In 2021, MonAxi released the single “Ide Were Were – Águas Doces”, an old Yoruban song dedicated to “Oxum” a deity of nature, goddess of beauty, love, fertility and motherhood, revered in West African religions such as Candomblé, Umbanda and Santeria, that encourages women to connect with their own inner and outer beauty. In 2022 she released “Enraiza-te” (Ground Yourself) as a tool for self- healing and empowerment through connection with the Earth.

“Music is the yes of life, it comes to us like a wave, passing through us and carrying a part of us with it into the world as it ebbs and flows ”. – MonÁxi

Upcoming…. “Mantras for Awakening”, her next album of sacred songs and music for healing and dance, which is currently in creation







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