Ubud, Bali May 4-7, 2023

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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“Munay” is a new group created by Pao Pamaki in 2022 in Ubud, Bali. Together with Kita, Haylee Clare and Zhenya Topov, they offer a unique journey, inspired by their passion for music and conscious lifestyle.

They interpret some of Pao Pamaki’s compositions, explore improvisation while letting themselves be guided by the energy of the present moment and revisit medicine and world music that has touched their hearts. Each of these talented artists has traveled the world and performed in various bands and genres. For today bring to Munay a special sound that touches the heart and soul.

Interpreting traditional music from cultures that have touched their hearts, along with their own original compositions , Munay ensemble invites you to experience a World Medicine music journey that travels between diverse rhythms, vocal harmonies and sublime moments of improvisation.

Weaving vocals with instruments from diverse parts of the world as Guitare, Hand Pan, Ngoni, Native American flutes, Calabash, Frame Drums and shruti, Pao Pamaki, Kita, Haylee Clare and Zhenya Topov offer a ceremonial journey of sounds to celebrate and give thanks to life.

This unique collaboration of incredible artists will guide you deep into presence through sacred songs that uplift, unify and blast the heart wide open.

Amplified concert played by “Munay” whose members are: Pao Pamaki, Kita, Haylee Clare and Zhenya Topov. The intention is to create a beautiful and warm space guided by the depth of the music. Offered as prayer for life in a ceremonial experience.