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Nicola Jean Smith

Nicola Jean Smith

TCM & Healing

Nicola Jean Smith had her first experience with acupuncture at age 26. She knew at that moment she had found traditional Chinese Medicine as a healing art, and an Acupuncture Master in which to learn the subtle art of pulse diagnosis. Her fortuitous meeting with Ross Penman, of Bright Cottage Acupuncture in Sydney pivoted her from a young achieving corporate in Sydney to a humbled and dedicated student.

This fortuitous meeting offered clinical experience with a Master pulse diagnostician, learning his strategies of acupuncture as a treatment and appreciation of how the spirit is at the essence of true healing.

As a high-level intuitive, she is also trained in the Access Consciousness Bars and continues to study CranioSacral Therapy as a student. Her CranioSacral mentorship continues with The Yoga Barn, Adolf Brown.

She has consciously returned from two spiritual near-death experiences. Having experienced profound detoxing and healing from a variety of imbalances, she knows the first-hand recovery from modern related nervous system disorders and our capacity to activate the innate intelligence existing within us all to heal. The spirit in healing and energy in her acupuncture treatments make for a subtle but potent approach to rebalancing, tonifying and supporting the body, mind, and soul