Ubud, Bali May 1-5, 2024

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Chinese Medicine

Nicola had her first experience with acupuncture at age 26. She knew at that moment she had found traditional Chinese Medicine as a healing art, and an Acupuncture Master in which to learn the subtle art of pulse diagnosis. Her fortuitous meeting with Ross Penman, of Bright Cottage Acupuncture in Sydney pivoted her from a young achieving corporate into a humbled and dedicated student.

Her clinical experience with a Master pulse diagnostician not only taught strategies for diagnosing and treating through acupuncture but impressed upon her how the spirit is at the essence of true healing. Having consciously returned from two spiritual near-death experiences she relates to how critical it is to have emotional and spiritual support for deep healing. What lights her up is when the benefits of her treatments expand awareness around self healing and empowerment.

Her acupuncture treatments make for subtle but potent rebalancing, tonifying and releasing for the body, mind, and soul.


At this year’s Festival Nicola will offer PULSES & PINS

Pulses & Pins | Balancing and healing for mind, body & spirit.

Channel your chill at the BaliSpirit Festival this year by joining Nicola Jean Smith’s – ‘community shala’ Pulses & Pins healing acupuncture session. In a group setting, this healing space is all about letting the pulses do the talking. Relax on a yoga mat restorative style with props for ease and comfort, have your pulses read to distinguish your personal treatment and drop into 30 mins of rest, healing and integration. Sessions are free (included in SPIRIT Pass & Full Festival Pass tix) and are being offered on a first come, first treated basis. This wellness offering will calm your spirit, clear your mind and help you find your festival flow