Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali 2025 Dates TBD

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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R&B, Soul

Noble, the creative force behind Noble is Global, humbly crafts experiences that bring people together through music and cultural gatherings. As a Global Experience Architect, his aim is not just to entertain but to forge connections that resonate deeply with diverse audiences around the world. Noble’s passion for music and community shines through his work as a visionary artist, event producer, and occasional dance teacher.

His journey began with a simple yet profound goal: to unite individuals through the shared joy of music and dance. This vision has quietly evolved into producing events that are about creating a warm, inviting space where all are welcome and each experience feels personal and meaningful. Noble has graced many international stages, from Singapore to Brazil, and even starred in the hit Netflix show “Sing On!” His talents also led him to perform at Tedx Atlanta, showcasing his musical prowess and deep-rooted passion for bringing people together.

At Noble is Global, every event is thoughtfully designed to ensure that participants leave with their hearts a little fuller and their spirits uplifted. Noble’s approach to music extends to his occasional dance classes, where laughter and rhythm naturally blend into unforgettable moments of connection.

This year at the Bali Spirit Festival, Noble is set to offer an experience that promises not just enjoyment, but an opportunity to be part of something larger—a celebration of unity and harmony. Join him in this heartwarming adventure as he gently pulls us into a world where every beat and every step helps bring the world closer, one experience at a time.