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Oksana Sokol

Oksana Sokol

Detox & Digestion Consultation, Raindrop Therapy


Oksana is a truly vibrant detox, life and wellness consultant who runs unforgettable personal journeys of self-discovery and empowerment through positive change. She facilitates our monthly 7-Day Detox Retreat and heals through the power of detox and inner nourishment.
Skillfully combining her knowledge in raw food, detoxification, gut health, energy healing, cleansing, mindfulness practices, and a deepened understanding of yoga, she facilitates people towards the expansion of possibilities in their personal life. Transforming stagnation into energy and inspiring others with her own enthusiasm towards a more conscious, harmonious and meaningful life.
Oksana’s sessions are for those looking for guidance in diet, relationships with food, cycles of addictions, weight and body image, correct food combining, better mental health, the detox process, proper nutrient absorption, and any digestive related issues.