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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Pablo & Colleen

Pablo & Colleen

Alchemy of Breath


Together, Pablo and Colleen have been living in Ubud for a year and a half, sharing the breath through weekly classes and workshops.

The love and trust that they have cultivated in their own relationship extend to their Breathwork space, offering a safe, loving & supportive container where profound experiences, shifts and healing can take place.

Their style of breathwork invites the participants to find their own way with the breath, empowering them to be the creator of their experience.

Pablo Castro believes in a gentle approach to transformation, recognizing the importance and potency of feeling safe,thus creating an environment for organic healing. He is a Teacher of Alchemy of Breath’s Facilitator Training and a leader of their growing worldwide community. Over the last seven years, Pablo has been traveling and exploring different healing modalities that fuel his passion for his own inner journey,which inspires what he shares with the world around him.He believes that there is a way to reconnect to the joy of living by embracing what is real, what is present and what is being felt moment to moment so that we can open to the richness of our lives

Colleen works in the field of love and relationships helping women cultivate loving and empowering relationships with themselves and guiding them to create thriving and conscious love in their lives. As a trained Love, Relationship and Sexuality Coach, a Breathwork Facilitator, a Yoga Teacher, and Holistic Health Coach – she uses a variety of tools, practices and knowledge to create an integrated mind, body, spirit approach for deep and lasting transformation. Her intention is to help women understand their minds so that they can quiet them and learn to lead from the power of their hearts

For more information about Pablo and Colleen, see: www.alchemyofbreath.com or www.colleengracekelly.com

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