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Pao Pamaki & Munay

Pao Pamaki & Munay

World Medicine Music / Singer-Songwriter


Interpreting traditional music from cultures that have touched their hearts, along with their original compositions, “Pao Pamaki & Munay” invites you to experience a World Medicine music journey that travels between diverse rhythms, vocal harmonies, and sublime moments of improvisation.
Born in 2022 in Ubud, Bali, after 3 years already playing together and cultivating friendship.
Pao Pamaki, Sarasvati Dasi, Kita, and Rob Recker offer music as a prayer to celebrate and give thanks for life.

Weaving vocals with instruments from diverse parts of the world like Guitare, Ngoni, Rav, flutes, Violin, Calabash, Djembe, shruti, and Chakapa; This unique collaboration of incredible artists will guide you deep into presence through sacred songs that uplift, unify and blast the heart wide open.