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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Patricia Kincaid

Patricia Kincaid

Bali Gymnastics - Kids

USA/ Bali

Her passion for gymnastics has started at the age of 7 in the UK where she was brought up. Being an active child, that couldn’t sit still Patricia became obsessed with all the different types of movements so she joined a gymnastics club and started to learn the fundamentals of gymnastics skills. She was never competitive always wanted to do it for fun but she enjoyed helping younger girls to improve their skills and achieve goals. 30 years later, a community school in Canggu was looking for moms who could involve in after school activities, so Patricia volunteer to teach gymnastics. That’s how the idea of Bali Gymnastics was born.

After a few years of teaching in Canggu, she finally decided to start her own practice, together with her son, who has now 15 years of gymnastics experience and is currently the assistant head coach. They are both teaching in 4 venues including Bali training center Bingin, Crossfit wanderlust Canggu, Green school Sibang and Titi Batu Ubud.

Over the years Patricia has developed the curriculum based on Artistic gymnastics fundamental warm-up skills and drills with some lovely spiritual twists. As a Bali based gymnastics class, she has decided to keep it a non -competitive wellness class for children. Ages 6 and up with all sorts of abilities.

The class begins and ends in a foot circle as it creates a special bond between the kids and encourages the less confident ones to be brought up.

The philosophy in the foot circle is:

In the circle, we are all equal.

There is no one in front of you,

There is nobody behind you,

No one is above you;

no one is below you,

The circle is sacred because it is designed,

To create UNITY!

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For more information about Bali Gymnastics, find them on acebook: https://www.facebook.com/gymnasticsinbali/