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Putu Evie Suyadnyani

Putu Evie Suyadnyani

Balinese Dance & Culture


Putu Evie, a seasoned traditional dancer from Sanur, has been immersed in the art form since childhood. Alongside her husband, Vaughan Hatch, she co-founded Mekar Bhuana, a cultural centre in Denpasar that became a beacon for classical gamelan music and dance. Recently, she brought her passion for Balinese culture to Wellington, New Zealand where she founded Mekar Bhuana Aotearoa, an organization promotes Balinese gamelan and dance through courses, workshops and performances. Evie also serves on the board of Yayasan Semara Gita Bhuana, a foundation dedicated to preserving Balinese culture. Join her workshops or lessons and be part of the journey in preserving and promoting the rich Balinese culture. Her dedication and passion are sure to inspire and provide an enriching experience.

Evie is a Co-founder of Yayasan Mekar Bhuana.

Mekar Bhuana is a family based centre dedicated to documenting, reconstructing and repatriating rare and lost Balinese performing gamelan and dance art-forms. Founded with a vision to empower Balinese youth with knowledge about the rare and endangered music and dance of their ancestors, the centre is home to talented troupes of musicians and dancers that are passionate about their traditions. Through workshops and cultural immersion programs, foreign students can not only learn traditional gamelan instruments and dance, but also mask-making, puppetry and more. Mekar Bhuana’s founders believe in the power of cultural exchange and strive to create a space where tradition meets creativity. Join us for a journey into the heart of Balinese culture.


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