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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Rebecca Antsis & Caridad Rivera

Rebecca Antsis & Caridad Rivera



Rebecca Antsis is a multi-dimensional Alchemixtress steeped in the healing and transformative arts. Her background is in theatre, religious studies, wellness, and hospitality. She holds space as Food and Beverage Manager at the Assemblage John St, the Founder and Herbal Mixologist of Elixirology LLC, a non-alcoholic, plant-based program consultancy company and Mâtèr Medicinals, a Herbal Potions Bar and Catering Pop-up. 

Rebecca Antsis is also immersed in the worlds of ritual theatre, burlesque, circus arts and independent film. Her training includes post-graduate studies in clown, Commedia dell Arte, physical theatre and devised theatre at Pig Iron School for Advanced Performance and a Bachelors in Performance Art at Prescott College. Rebecca is currently a touring member of the ritual theatre dance troupe Sisters of the Blooming Sun. Her latest project is called K A I R O S T H Y M I A Project.

Caridad Rivera is a professional fire belly dancer and performance artist from Cuba, currently teaching in New York. She honours the primal essence and vitality that gives way to purpose and expression through dance, theatre and song. Her journey started at the age of 14 when she first realized the importance of ritual dance and raw energy. She was influenced by afro-centric music, flamenco, gypsy and belly dance. She offers private lessons, body painting and mentoring. She has a BA in English Theater and Fine Arts.

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For more information about Rebecca & Caridad, see: www.elixirology.co